Design and Circular Economy

In the contemporary scenario, Design and Economy share thoughts that seek to rethink ways of producing, taking as a challenge to think progress, breaking old dichotomies such as preserving - to develop and, especially, to find ways that contribute to promote social, economic and environmental welfare. When drawing attention to the theme, the board intends to discuss the Circular Economy and its design bundles. How is the dematerialization of products and services influencing the ways of living? How are the options for technologies that optimize features and remanufacturing embedded in the design process and design? These, among others, are questions that will stimulate reflection on the role and action of design in the reconstruction of financial, human, social or natural capital in the theoretical and practical spheres from the perspective of the Circular Economy and the humanistic perspective.


Organizing Committee

Laboratório O Imaginário


Rua Benfica, 157 - Madalena

Recife, PE - 50720-001


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