Environmental Sustainability

Design and Sustainable Cities

Discussions about the role of design and the repercussion of its practice are gaining strength in the academic environment with researches that investigate design impacts, mainly as a transformation agent in the configuration of sustainable environments. Cities with their population densities and complex challenges have attracted the attention of researchers seeking to understand issues such as mobility, the destination of waste, proper use of water, energy generation, consumption, governance, cultural diversity, security, among many others. Issues that refer to connected systems, ways of coexistence and behavior of people in urban spaces are the most intriguing, and has permeated studies in several areas of knowledge as provocations for researchers and professionals who act both in the configuration and in the management of these environments. The Design and Sustainable Cities desk is an opportunity to discuss the theme from the humanistic approach, sharing with the designers (researchers and professionals) the different looks and at the same time dialoguing with other agents that lead the urban scene.


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