Social Sustainability

Design and Handicrafts

The interlocution of design with the complex reality of craftsmanship in the reflection on models of performance and design practices, considering the transversal intersections that directly affect this relationship with social, cultural, technological, environmental, economic and political issues. The limits of the relationship between design and craftsmanship, sustainability, management and policies, especially with regard to social and economic issues; the diversity of interventionist approaches experienced by NGOs, Universities, Liberal Professionals, Governmental Agencies; the limits of the relationship between design and craftsmanship that still seem confusing to most actors involved as a result of the contradictions that emanate from technological, economic, social, cultural and environmental contexts in favor of more socially inclusive and sustainable development models; the search for alternatives that preserve artisanal activity while at the same time increasing the income generation of artisanal communities.

The aim of the round table is to continue reflections on the 2015 and 2017 editions, based on the understanding that the valuation of cultural goods and their territories, by establishing the dialogue between consumption and production, tradition and innovation, creates conditions for the enhancement of local resources in favor of benefits for communities; the designer can and should move from his role of creator to that of mediator of this translation and that this displacement is based on the recognition of the creative and technical potential of artisans and artisans, essentially in the value of the unequivocal and inherently invisible human dimension behind the materiality.


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